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Abruzzo is very well known as land of shepherds, parks and of sanctuaries. Abruzzo is a region rich of spirituality, traditions and Christian places.

The Hotel and Restaurant Dragonara is conveniently located near the highway a14, about 200 metres from the exit Pescara ovest Chieti. It is easy to reach the major touristic attractions of Abruzzo. The Hotel has a spacious restaurant, comfortable rooms, swimming pool and a wide parking.


  • Sanctuary Manoppello Image in Manoppello (CH) – 20 minutes by car

The Manoppello Image is an image of a face, often supposed to be Jesus, on a cloth that is stored in a church in the village of Manoppello, Italy.  There have been claims that the cloth is the Veil of Veronica.

  • Sanctuary of Eucharistic Miracle in Lanciano (CH) – 30 minutes by car

It is the First Ecucharistic miracle in the story of the church. I has happened in the eight century  during celebration of Mass, a monk had a doubt about the real presence of Jesus in the Host. Pronounced words of bread and wine consecration, suddenly, monk saw bread turn in to Flesh, and the wine in Blood

  • Sanctuary of Saint Thomas the Apostle in Ortona (CH) – 20 minutes by car

The Basilica of St. Thomas the Apostle, also Ortona Cathedra is a Roman Catholic cathedral build in the XII century and minor basilica in Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy, famous for holding the relics of Saint Thomas the Apostle.


Religious festivals in Abruzzo are born melting Christianity and bucolic customs. In ancient time pastoralism was the most important part of the economy of the country.

  1. Antonio e delle Farchie Festival – 16th of January – Fara Filliolum petri (CH)
    The farchie ritual has its roots in the 1799 French invasion of Abruzzo. During this time, the French forces had surrounded the town of Fara. Miraculously, Saint Anthony of Abate is said to have appeared and as he did the oak trees surrounding Fara burst into roaring flames. Seeing this, the French soldiers fled Fara thus sparing the town from certain destruction and ruin.

Holy Friday procession and Miserere song- Chieti

Chieti’s Holy friday procession is the most ancient procession in Italy.

It begins on Holy Friday at about 6 pm in Saint Giustino Cathedral where the Miserere song is sung by a choir of 160 persons.

  • “La Madonna che scappa” Easter day – Sulmona (AQ)

It is a commemoration of the encounter between the Virgin mother and Jesus Christ. According to the tradition, if the rite goes on without obstacles, the follow year will be favourable, if not it will be characterized by woes and natural disasters.

  • Celebration in honour of Saint Domenico – Serpari (snakes handlers) procession – 1st  of May – Cocullo (AQ)

The statue of Saint Domenico decorated with little and harmless snakes is carried around town’s main square . According to the tradition, the draping of snakes around the statue of Saint Domenico symbolizes a solution to the eternal conflict between the natural world, which is fraught with perils, and the human world, which must fend them off in order to survive. Saint Domenico in this context embodies the hero who is able to reconcile the two worlds.

  • “Corsa degli zingari”- First week of September – Pacentro (AQ)

The Festa of the Madonna of Loreto is the first Sunday in September and is very popular with a procession and an exciting barefoot race (Corsa degli Zingari) from the Mountains to the Church.

The race has its origins in pre-Christian period, it was connected with the rituals used to purify the flocks of sheep and to defend them from wolfs and animals attacks. The “Corsa degli zingari” is the symbol of the end of the productive cycle of the agriculture and sheep-farming.

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