20 Jun, 2017



Why choose a holiday in Abruzzo?

Simply because is a magic land reach of traditions, a land that offers fine sandy beaches with crystal clear sea, a hilly hinterland with soft climates covered with vineyards and olive groves and unspoiled mountains and wildlife.

The charm of Abruzzo is also in its history and art: you can go to the discovery of small villages that dot the territory, admire the architectural strength of churches, castles, palaces, the precious works of art, the many expressions Artistic craftsmanship and the millennial peasant and pastoral traditions.

Thanks to our strategic location you can easily organize your holiday!

One day , one tour! Our advices to discover Abruzzo.:

1 – National Park of Abruzzo – Scanno

The Abruzzo National Park is undoubtedly one of the areas that you cannot miss during a trip to Abruzzo. It is the second park of Italy by extension and it’s considered the park of nature for excellence and protected animals including the Bear Bruno Marsicano and the Wolf.

The park encloses beautiful villages and nearby we recommend visiting Scanno, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, known for its heart-shaped lake and the use of a particular traditional dress still worn by older women scannesi.


2 – Valle del Giovenco – Celano – Alba Fucens

In this tour, we combine the nature of the Valle del Giovenco until we arrive at Celano and visit the Piccolomini castle, then head towards to Alba Fucens, a former Roman colony. Today it is an archaeological site of untold historical value.

3 – Santo Stefano di Sessanio – Rocca Calascio – National Park of Gran Sasso and “Monti della Laga”

Saint Stephen of Sessanio is one of the most beautiful and known villages. The fortified village of medieval origin and entirely built in limestone, offers glimpses of rare beauty and unrivaled views.

A few kilometers you can visit Rocca Calascio  that is considered one of the highest castles in Europe. It is also known for setting up two famous  films Ladyhawke and “Il nome della rosa”.

The itinerary can end with a visit to the most beautiful places in the Gran Sasso National Park in the heart of Abruzzo Apennines. Do not miss Capestrano, Pietracamela, Castel del Monte and Lake Campotosto.

4 – Sulmona – Pettorano sul Gizio

Among the nicest cities to visit there is Sulmona, the homeland of the confetti and the hometown of the Roman poet Ovid. During summer it is recommended visit it for the traditional Cavalry Horse of Sulmona.

Close to Sulmona you can visit one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Pettorano sul Gizio, a village with an incredible charm with all the balconies full of flowers, stone houses and handmade wooden portals. You can breathe the romantic atmosphere of the past.

5 – Chieti – Roccascalegna – Costa dei trabocchi

Starting from Chieti cities of ancient art, to go down to Roccascalegna, at the foot of the homonymous castle built by the Longobards. After visiting the village, you will descend to the Trabocchi Coast, characterized by old fishing machines on stilts and unspoiled beaches and fantastic villages.

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